C++ game framework providing windowing, input, math, rendering and component enitiy systems.


  • Improve C++ programming language skills. Focus on C++11/14.
  • Gain experience with some low-level APIs (OpenGL, DirectX, Win32, etc.).
  • Create a modular architecture.


  • Modular design.
  • Bare bones entity component system module.
  • OpenGL gfx backend module.
  • Basic logging module.
  • Math module for vector, matrix and quaternion operations.
  • OpenAL sfx backend module.
  • Windowing module currently supporting Windows and Linux.


  • Direct3D11 gfx backend implementation.
  • API agnostic gfx implementation (mesh, material, texture).
  • API agnostic sfx implementation.
  • Mac OS X/Cocoa window backend implementation.