3D puzzle/platformer with 2-player co-op that learns kids various aspects of light through puzzels.


  • Gain experience with XNA 4.
  • Multiple puzzles explaining various aspects of light.
  • Support for 2-player local co-op (puzzles require 2 players).

My tasks

  • Terrain
    • Build from heightmap.
    • Multiple levels of detail (stitching inbetween levels).
    • Offline PVS generation for fast occulsion testing.
  • Rendering/updating objects
    • Indexed rendering for objects such as trees.
    • Occulsion testing using a quad tree and ray tracers.
    • Basic collision detection using a sphere as a first check and more detailed.
  • Game Editor
    • Modify heightmap.
    • Placing objects.

Lessons learned

  • Test performance on a all platforms from the beginning. Xbox 360 is quite a different beast compared to a gaming desktop.
  • Working with an external party (artists) can be difficult.
  • Hierarchical architecture for game objects is a pain to work with as the amount of different objects grow.